Monday 08.01.2024

Published 07 01 2024, 17:00

Danger level

Avalanche Problem
Wind slab

Snowfall with winds formed snow slabs.

MODERATE avalanche danger (level 2 ) applies in all mountain ranges above the forest zone. In the last 2 days up to 20 cm of snow has been added. The snowfall boundary has been changing and it has gradually snowed also on the foothills. Winds are picking up. Wind-blown snow is therefore the main problem. The steep troughs of the highest altitudes are dangerous, where the wind deposits snow slabs and pillows. Particularly dangerous can be locations under rock walls, where there are layers of hailstones, which represent a weak layer and a potential slippery layer for avalanches. Spontaneous avalanches are not expected. Avalanches may occur in rock walls or very steep couloirs.


The surface of the snowpack is dry and wind-beaten into slabs over the forest belt. Under the new snow there is a hard crust of ice. It is this combination that can be dangerous in terms of avalanches. There are also graupel under the rock walls in the profile, which can also be a weak layer. Below these layers, even deeper in the profile, there is also a weak layer of faceted snow in places, but this does not pose a great risk because man's weight cannot break through the hard crust. New snow was also accumulating in the foothills.


Stays the same.

Compiled by : Pavel Krajčí