Wednesday 01.05.2024

Published 30 04 2024, 17:00

Danger level

Avalanche Problem
Wet snow

Beware of high temperatures causing wet, spontaneous avalanches.

Avalanche danger is bound to the highest positions of the Tatras. The risk is posed by spontaneous avalanches from wet snow, which can break loose on any oriented slope. Due to high temperatures and the absence of night frosts, avalanche activity is possible already in the morning and mid-morning hours. Foundation avalanches may also occur.


High temperatures and the absence of overnight frosts cause the snowpack to become soggy throughout the profile. Snow stability will decrease as the day progresses and as air temperatures increase. The boundary of the continuous snow cover is rising day by day, currently from about 1500 to 1600 m above sea level depending on orientation.


Rising during the day in sunny weather. MB