Thursday 01.02.2024

Published 31 01 2024, 17:00

Danger level

Avalanche Problem
Wind slab

For all mountain ranges of Slovakia a moderate avalanche danger is declared, i.e. 2 degree from the 5-part international scale. Snow is very unevenly distributed over the forest zone. There are pillows and slabs of wind-blown snow on east-south to south-west facing slopes. Under mechanical loading, the stress in this snow layer spreads well, so that slab avalanches are possible on very steep slopes, especially with large additional loads (movement on foot, or multiple skiers/snowboarders close together).


The snow cover is blown to a hard base of ice on the windward, westerly sides due to the very windy weekend, in places down to the grass. Conversely, the leeward moguls and gullies have a large amount of wind-blown snow deposited in slabs and pillows. These lie on a hard icy surface with which they are not well bonded. The previous warming and subsequent slight cooling has partially stabilised the snow cover layers, yet wind-blown snow formations are still dangerous on very steep slopes.


Avalanche hazard trend - persistent.

<> Compiled by Ivan Chlebovec