Tuesday 09.01.2024

Published 08 01 2024, 17:00

Danger level

Avalanche Problem
Persistent weak layer
Wind slab

Wind-blown snow, snow pillows and slabs on hard ground.

The avalanche danger level 2 is declared above the forest zone. New loose snow from the last snowfall has been transported by strong northeasterly and easterly winds to leeward slopes of mainly westerly orientation. Here it has formed hard snow slabs and pillows that are deposited on the old hard snow or ice base. Their release is already possible with a small additional load. A critical weak layer will form and be maintained in the cover on the northern and shaded slopes due to the cold air, consisting mainly of hailstones that have fallen during the last snowfall.


Snow cover is very diverse in the mountains. Strong winds, which have been blowing mainly from the east, will change to southeast to south during the day. Therefore, hard to icy surfaces alternate with puffy snow pillows and slabs above the tree line in all orientations. These vary in thickness and hardness. There is also a greater amount of snow in couloirs, moguls and under rock faces.


Unchanging due to cold air and persistent wind.

Compiled by: Martin Bešinský