Wednesday 03.01.2024

Published 02 01 2024, 17:00

Danger level

Avalanche Problem
Wind slab
Wet snow

Watch out for new snow and wind-blown hard slabs of new snow.

In all mountains above 1300 m above sea level there is a moderate avalanche danger, i.e. 2nd degree. Up to 30 cm of new snow has been added to the hard old snow cover in the last 3 days. The snowfall limit was first at about 700 m a.s.l. but is increasing. Strong north-westerly winds persist. The main problems are therefore new snow and wind blown snow (south-eastern and eastern exposures). Dangerous are the leeward sides of ridges and steep couloirs of the highest altitudes, where the wind has deposited snow slabs and pillows during the day and created cornices. Due to bad weather, wind, fog and snow we do not recommend long and difficult tours on the ridges.


The old snow cover in all mountain ranges has hardened and hardened due to temperature changes. A thick layer of ice has formed on its surface. Up to 30 cm of new snow has been added, which will be very unevenly distributed due to the wind. The large difference in hardness between the old snow cover and the new snow has caused instability in the snow profile. There are several crusts deeper in the profile, but these do not affect the avalanche situation.


With strong winds and snow increasing.

Compiled by : Pavel Krajčí