Sunday 17.12.2023

Published 16 12 2023, 17:00

Danger level

Avalanche Problem
Wind slab
Wet snow

Watch out for wind-slabs and pillows.

In all mountain ranges above the forest line, a second avalanche danger level has been declared. Very strong, mainly northwesterly winds are blowing large amounts of snow mainly to the south, southeast and east. Especially dangerous are leeward sides of ridges, narrow couloirs and places under rock walls. Here, hard, wind-beaten slabs are formed and can be loosened, especially on steep slopes above 40°, with only a small additional load. Small to medium sized slab avalanches are particularly dangerous here. At lower altitudes below 1100 m above sea level, the snow cover becomes wet and heavy due to warming. Therefore, small sliding or base avalanches will be threatened here.


At the highest altitudes, the snow cover is very unevenly distributed due to gale force winds. On the mountain ridges and in predominantly north-westerly orientations, the snow cover is blown to a very hard base or even to the ground. In the valleys and on the leeward sides of the ridges, hard slabs are blown by strong winds. There will be loose powdery snow in the highest elevations of the forest belt, especially in the morning. However, due to the warmer temperatures tomorrow, this will gradually become wetter during the day and will build up to a hard base.


With strong winds and a sharp warming, slightly rising.

Compiled by: Pavel Bet'ko