Monday 11.12.2023

Published 10 12 2023, 17:00

Danger level

Avalanche Problem
Wind slab
Wet snow

Wind-formed boards and cushions on a hard substrate.

Level 2 is declared for all mountain ranges. Winds are gusting, creating wind-rolled slabs and cushions just below ridges, in leeward bulges and troughs, which are not connected to the hard ground. They can be released with only a small additional load on slopes mainly above 40°. Small wet avalanches may occur in the forest zone due to warming from loose wet snow from the last snowfall.


Snow cover is very diverse in the mountains. There is still loose snow in the forest zone, which will become wetter and heavier as the weather warms up. Above this limit, the surface is mainly made up of firn crust or hard ground on which snow slabs and pillows are blown. These are most pronounced just below the ridges on all orientations as winds of variable directions have been creating them over the last few days.


Due to warming and stronger winds, the rising.

Compiled by: Martin Bešinský