Sunday 10.12.2023

Published 09 12 2023, 17:00

Danger level

Avalanche Problem
Wind slab

Wind-wound boards on a hard to icy surface.

Avalanche danger level 2 has been declared throughout all mountain ranges. Especially the northern steep slopes are dangerous, where less stable snow slabs and pillows may be winding up and not connected to the hard ground. Such unstable formations will form on slopes of all orientations due to variable winds. Avalanche release is already possible with a small additional load, especially on slopes above 40°.


Dry and loose snow is found mainly in the forest zone. Above this boundary, conditions are very variable. From hard snow, through crust to snow slabs and cushions created by the wind. These are unstable on steep slopes and are not bonded to the hard ground. Light snowfall and fairly strong winds are expected over the next few days, which will further aggravate the situation.


With the snowfall and the wind picking up.

Compiled by: Martin Bešinský