Monday 13.11.2023

Published 13 11 2023, 09:19

Danger level

Avalanche Problem
Wind slab

Beware of new wind-blown snow on windward slopes!

In the High, Western and Low Tatras at altitudes above 1800 m above sea level, there is still a SMALL avalanche danger, (1). Fresh snow has been blown by strong winds onto layers of older snow with which it is not sufficiently bound. The release of slab avalanches is possible especially under heavier loads on steep to very steep slopes. Spontaneous avalanches are not expected.


During the last snowfall, 10-20 cm fell on the mountains, which was blown by strong winds to the leeward slopes. The wind-drifted snow is deposited in the form of less stable snow slabs and pillows, with older snow not sufficiently bound. The height of wind_drifted snow reaches up to 50 cm.


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