Monday 15.05.2023

Published 14 05 2023, 17:00

Danger level

Avalanche Problem
Wet snow

Spontaneous wet avalanches caused by warming and rain.

Significant warming, coupled with heavy rain, will be the main factor influencing the avalanche situation. Small to medium sized spontaneous avalanches may occur in all aspects. Positive temperatures and rain will also occur at high altitudes above 2500 m. At altitudes below 1600 m, snow cover is almost absent, so the danger is concentrated above this level.


dp.3: rain

Rain and warming will soak the snow cover to a large extent, reducing its cohesiveness. Warm weather will continue through the night, so the snow will be soft throughout the all day. In general, snowpack has already been transformed by melting and there are no dangerous layers.


With the increasing amount of liquid precipitation avlanche danger increases.