Sunday 14.05.2023

Published 13 05 2023, 17:00

Danger level

Beware of wet and foundation avalanches.

For the High, Western and Low Tatras there is a low avalanche danger (1st degree). The main problem is mainly wet snow. Tomorrow precipitation is expected, especially in the form of rain, therefore all orientations will be dangerous. On such slopes there is a risk of small avalanches or avalanches with a large additional load ( e.g. on foot). There is a particular danger of falling into exposed terrain when they are released. During the day, small spontaneous avalanches and occasionally foundation avalanches may occur in steep couloirs at the highest altitudes.


dp.3: rain
dp.10: springtime scenario

The snow cover in our area is generally well consolidated and stable. At altitudes above 1900 m above sea level, night temperatures still drop below 0°C. The snow cover therefore freezes and stabilises at night. In the morning it is still hard and load-bearing. During the day, as the weather warms up and especially with rain, it gets wetter and suddenly loses its firmness. Tomorrow the temperature at the highest altitudes (1500 - 2500 m above sea level) will range from 7 to -1°C. Cloudy to cloudy. Rain or showers in places, occasional thunderstorms.