Tuesday 12.12.2023

Published 11 12 2023, 17:00

Danger level

Avalanche Problem
Wind slab
Wet snow

Watch out for wind-slabs and pillows

In all our mountain ranges, a second avalanche level is declared above the tree line. Especially the leeward sides of ridges, narrow couloirs and slopes under rock walls are dangerous. Especially dangerous are the northern exposures. Especially in these places there are wind-beaten slabs laid on hard ground, the stability of which is difficult to estimate. Loosening is possible on steep slopes above 40° with only a small additional load. In the forest zone, the snow is wetted throughout the entire profile due to warming, so there is a risk of small avalanches or foundation avalanches.


Snow cover is very unevenly distributed in our mountains due to the changing wind direction. After yesterday's warming, the snow cover froze overnight and stabilised slightly. A slight crust has formed on its surface, but it will melt during the day due to the warming, especially at lower altitudes, the snow cover will get wet throughout its profile and will break through to the hard ground. At higher altitudes there is hard firn crust, or wind-beaten hard snow on which snow slabs and cushions are blown. These are most pronounced just below the ridges on all orientations, as winds of variable directions have been creating them over the past few days.


Stabilising slightly due to warming.

Compiled by: Pavel Bet'ko